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What Is A Level 2 Human

We have all been told that we only use 10% of our brain. We have been told we can be unlimited. We have been told We Can Do Anything, but why can't we do it?

I use to tell my son he was so smart, but he would look at me like, yea-right Mom. He was struggling in school. The other kids didn't like him and he got in fights a lot. 

What do we do when inside we feel this way, but the reality we experience is far, far, far from being unlimited. We can't fly, we get sick, and we get hurt. We don't feel like superheroes and we don't feel unlimited.


I have been looking for the answers to this dilemma personally for 20 years. When I first read that we create our own reality 20 years ago, I thought. Alrighty then, I am going create everything I want.

Needless to say, it didn't quite happen that way. So for 20 years I have studied, researched and did my best to apply techniques, expand my beliefs of what is possible. While I cannot fly physically or leap tall buildings, I have had a great deal of success in learning how to interpret the messages of my inner guidance.

It is consistent, it is always available for everyone, no matter what your philosophical or religious belief system is or isn't. 

 Since we know on the outward physical level we have limited access, so we have to look inward. We have to tap into that part of us that has a broader perspective. This has very practical real time application. 

Living The Zone with access to the information you personally need when you need it is what a Level II Human does. It is not something that happens all at once. It must be developed just like any skill. You must have a strong desire for it, patience and persistence. 


Each week, I will provide you with personal tips and clues that have worked for me, as well as information from many other sources to support your evolution and my own. Together we can really experience what is possible in our personal and collective evolution.


I hope you will use the songs I have created to keep you activated and excited about your life today and looking forward to the results of our collective activation in the year 2050.


Tammy Allen