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The Team

2050 Club Team


Tammy Allen

As an aspiring Polymath and Futurist, Tammy Allen is the visionary that founded The 2050 Club. The project is a collaboration of individuals committed to igniting the evolution of our species through a variety of multimedia channels.

At a mere 58 years young, Tammy’s deepest passion is personal expansion. She adamantly believes that limitations on learning, aging and decline are self-imposed. Her goal is to help usher in new models of health, well being, personal and collective evolution.

A true renaissance woman, her life experiences and areas of expertise include: Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter, Music and Video Producer, Studio Engineer, Voice Teacher, Dancer, Bodybuilder, Talk Show Host, Whole Life Sciences Co-Founder, Web Designer, PR & Marketing, Abstract Artist and Instructor.

Andrew (St) Lucero

Andrew is the creator of the animation for the 2050 Club music video. He is a recent graduate of Atlanta Art Institute, majoring in Multimedia & Animation. Andrew is  a  member of the Animation Society as the Foreign Ambassador. He graduated with honors and received an award at his portfolio show for "Outstanding Contribution to the Department." The award noted his leadership abilities and his range of affability.  Andrew (St.) Lucero recently formed his own company Marango Studios. 

Tony Cunningham

Tony is the music producer of the 2050 Club soundtrack. He was classically trained on the bass but studied and embraced many music genres. He wears many hats, Producer, Engineer, Songwriter and Bassist. He has written and produced for countless independent artists in multiple genres. As an engineer he has worked with Jagged Edge and various major labels such as Sony/Epic and Universal. He is presently a record producer and A&R of the Nashville div. for the Los Angeles based label, 5050 Global Musik Inc, a division of the Warner Music Group.

Tonya Scott,

Tonya is a multi-talented performer. She studied screen writing at New York Film Academy, acting at Baron Brown Film Academy. and improv at Second City and Groundlings Academy. She is a singer/songwriter and performs around the country wowing crowds with her talent and humor as a dueling pianist. 


Miguel Dominguez

Miguel was born in Mexico. He studied art and graphic design at the Universidad de la Vera-Cruz,  graduating in 2014. He is passionate about writing poetry and studying philosophy. His art has been featured at many exhibitions in Atlanta and Mexico.

Pamela Bennett

She is a woman of many skills. She is an accomplished screen writer and actress. She is currently studying at the acclaimed Beverly Hills Playhouse. She enjoys Circus Aerial Training, (tissue & rope), and fencing, (Japanese Sword style). She is passionate about Permaculture, oh and she is a singer/songwriter. 

Millicent St. Claire

Millicent is a Seasoned Seminar Leader, Inspirational Speaker and Best Selling Author. Her groundbreaking book, Simply Ridiculous teaches how to LIGMO (Let It Go, Move On) of everything that is simply ridiculous and focus on what is really important in life. Her innovative accelerated learning program is a fun interactive experience that inspires people to go beyond familiar paradigms and conditioned behaviors. Visit LIGMO to learn how exciting learning can be.

Christina Coleman

Christina is a passionate advocate for a greener closer to nature lifestyle. Detoxification from chemicals in our bodies and the planet is her ministry. Christina has taught her Sustainability K-12 course to thousands of kids on how to prevent illness and ignite the bodies self healing capabilities. A woman of action, she secured a grant and partnered with The Captain Planet Foundation and RE Cares and started "Hopewell's Organic Garden of Hope." She is currently studying at Quantum University earning her PHD in Holistic, Natural and Integrative Medicine.